Laser Disc Omake

1998 Winter Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Eien Densetsu [Kaiteiban]  The Final First Stage!!
Laser Disc Omake

The Laser Disc Omake (bonus) features a Top Ten musical songs countdown as voted on by the fans. It was only available with the Laser Disc of the 1998 Eien Kaiteiban musical.
It has also been subtitled by Cruel Angel productions and is available as a part of the First Stage Omake Set.

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Mochizuki Yuuta (]S)
Kasahara Ryuuji (}i)


10. Galaxia Gorgeous
1997 Summer - Eien

09. I Miss You
1997 Summer - Eien

08. See Me, Boku-tachi no Jidai
1997 Winter - Stars K

07. Sailor War Supreme
1996 Summer - Stars

06. Densetsu Seitan
1996 Summer - Stars

05. L'amour D'amour Moonlight
1997 Winter - Stars K

04. Chasin' After You
1997 Summer - Eien

03. La Fatalite Sei Senshi
1997 Summer - Eien

02. La Moon
1998 Winter - Eien K

01. La Soldier
1996 Summer - Stars

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