Orgel Collection

This CD was released to the BMO Club members after Shin Kaguya Kaiteiban. It is an instrumental-only orgel collection.

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track listing
  1. Minna Dareka ni Aisarete
  2. Everlasting Moonlight
  3. LINK
  4. La Soldier
  5. Minna Dareka ni Aisarete (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  6. FIRE (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  7. Millennium Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  8. Ginga no Sanctuary (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  9. Moment Fatal
  10. HEREAFTER... (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  11. Densetsu Seitan (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  12. Here goes! Shining star (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  13. Junketsu no Narcism (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  14. Yakusoku no Uta (Part 1) (Bell Orgel Ver.)
  15. Yakusoku no Uta (Part 2) (Bell Orgel Ver.)

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