Memorial Album of the Musical 4
Pretty Soldier Sailormoon
Sailor Stars

1996.08.01 COCC-13569

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track listing
  1. Overture
  2. Chasin' After You
  3. It's Chou Very Bad
  4. Lonely Distance
  5. Star Hunter
  6. Sailor Busters
  7. Fukitsu na Kaze - Fukkatsu na Higeki no Zenchou
  8. Sailor War Supreme
  9. Galaxia no Dokusai
  10. Light ni Adventure
  11. See Me, Boku-tachi no Jidai
  12. Knockin' Down Hesitation
  13. Sorezore no Elegy
  14. A Knight for Sailor Soldiers
  15. La Moon
  16. Densetsu Seitan
  17. La Soldier

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