Memorial Album of the Musical 11
Pretty Soldier Sailormoon
Mugen Gakuen -Mistress Labyrinth-

2002.07.20 COCX-31915

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track listing
  1. Overture
  2. Usagi LOVE MAGIC
  3. Unubore Shoujo ga Yatte Kita!!
  4. Isei Nottori Keikaku
  5. Triangle Secret
  6. Tuxedo Mission
  7. Harsh! Saint Cry!! (Re-Arrange)
  8. Chinmoku no Hameln
  9. Usagi to Yonin no Zureru Omoi
  10. Destined Couple
  11. Magus Collection
  12. Sailor War 94
  13. Seijaku no Hostie
  14. Broken MOBIUS (Talisman Version)
  15. The World Died Out
  16. Hereafter...
  17. Mystery Sagashi
  18. La Soldier (1 Chorus Version)

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